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The Mexican food is synonymous with tacos. These Mexican snacks are everywhere

mexican tacos
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The Mexican food is synonymous with tacos. These Mexican snacks are everywhere, and they make our lives easier and more delicious. That is why today we have put together our best taco recipes and some other nice ones that we have found online, so that the cravings can choose between the richest options and prepare some easy, fast and delicious homemade tacos.

mexican tacos


The most typical tacos in Mexico City, with its pork prepared on the top, its pieces of pineapple, and lots of chopped onion and cilantro. Now you can prepare them at home and they will be so tasty with those of those tacos who never want to share their secret recipe.

When foreigners think that in Mexico crispy tortilla tacos are consumed, like those in Tex-Mex cuisine, I always rush to explain that when it comes to crispy tortilla or fried tortilla, this recipe is the good one. There is nothing more homemade and richer than golden tacos or flutes bathed in fresh cream, lots of sauce and preferably, covered with chopped lettuce in ribbons.

To my taste, this taco recipe is one of the best culinary ideas that has ever been and will ever be. If you like seafood, you like Mexican food and you like tortillas, then this recipe will help you cook a dish from heaven. By the way, if you are in Sinaloa, it will probably be faster to go to the taqueria around the corner.

  • Head studs :

I know that we all have different gastronomic tastes, but really, are there people who are satisfied only with eating solid tacos? For me, each piece of meat is a particular experience: another texture, another flavor, another seasoning. The head of the cow is no exception and also, from my point of view, it is the best way to take advantage of and cook this part of the animal.

If someone visits Mexico and does not try the carnitas tacos, it is as if they had not visited Mexico. Well, there are some exceptions, such as vegetarians and non-pork eaters. For those who have not visited Mexico, you can try this delicious recipe, and accompany it with some good fresh corn tortillas.

Certainly, these tacos are found with some frequency on Mexican streets, but not as often as tacos de suadero or tacos de guisado. So if instead of going out to look for them, you want to prepare them at home, here is the recipe, explained step by step.

  • Chilorio tacos :

One of the reasons why I like Northerners (from Mexico) is because they have invented recipes like the governor tacos or the chilorio. Some good taquitos of pork chilorio are capable of putting the hungriest of Sinaloans in a good mood, or any carnivore in the world.

  • Mexican tacos with tomatillo sauce :

The author of this recipe is so madly in love with tomatillo that he came up with the wonderful idea to write this recipe. The tacos are beef and chicken, and the sauce is to die for, honestly.

  • Stew tacos:

In Mexico, they speak of stew tacos when any homemade stew preparation is used to fill corn tortillas. That’s where all the magic happens. It is extremely easy to find street vendors of stew tacos in the center of any Mexican city or town, or in any commercial area. These tacos are also very frequently found in diners or fast food kitchens.

If you want to prepare some good stew tacos at home, I recommend our recipe for chicharrón in green sauce . When it is ready, you will simply have to chop it up and fill your freshly made corn tortillas. Like this or more homemade?

  • Chicken tinga tacos :

If you click on the title of this paragraph, what you will find is our easy chicken tinga recipe, which is also perfect for preparing some very filling and homemade stew tacos.

  • Cochinita pibil tacos :

If you pass through the Yucatan Peninsula, it is practically mandatory to try some good local cochinita pibil tacos. And if you don’t go to Yucatán, no problem, because with this recipe for cochinita pibil you will be able to prepare some delicious tacos at home.

  • Dad’s Tacos:

Potato tacos are a delicious vegetarian delicacy that can be prepared in a different way. Among the most common are those that are prepared with mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes inside fried corn tortillas, which makes a totally delicious set of textures. For non-vegetarians, there are also the very popular and filling potato tacos with chorizo.

  • Basket tacos:

The cyclists who sell the tacos de canasta on the streets are a popular Mexican icon. They carry large baskets tied to their bicycles, with plastic bags, usually blue. Inside these bags they carry a treasure: the tacos de canasta or sudados tacos, usually filled with beans, chicharrón or potatoes.

  • Quesadillas:

From a very sweet point of view, quesadillas could be considered a kind of cheese tacos. That is why I have decided to cheat and include them in this list of taco recipes.

What do you think?

Written by Sergio García


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